Biography of Jouko Haapalahti

President and CEO of JouZeNet Consulting Ltd (2012-)
Jouko Haapalahti

  • Honorary Doctor of Medicine (MD., PhD(hc.)), Executive Master of Business Administration (eMBA), Bachelor of Science in Clinical Biochemistry (B.Sc), University of Oulu, Finland
  • Clinical biochemist at the Hospital Laboratory of the Deaconess Institute, Oulu, 1970–1978 
  • Co-founder and Managing Director of Nordiclab Ltd, Oulu, 1976–1982
  • Director of the diagnostics plant of Farmos Diagnostica, Oulunsalo, 1982–1992  
  • Assistant Vice President of Orion Diagnostica Ltd, 1992–2012; several positions, e.g., responsibility for partnerships with academia and bioindustries (USA, Germany, France, Japan)
  • Program Director and Chief Financial Officer of the SalWe Intelligent Monitoring of Health and Well-being Program (€25M), 2010–2014; and CFO of the Mind and Body Program (€36M), 2012–2014
  • Co-inventor in a patent family related to biochemical diagnostics of heart failure 
  • Co-author of 25 scientific publications related to biochemical endocrinology and bone metabolism
  • Co-author of a chapter in the  book “Hormonal Therapies in Postmenopausal Osteoporosis” and author of an article in the book “Advances in Developing Affordable In Vitro Molecular Diagnostics”
  • Co-founder and chairman of the Finnish In Vitro Diagnostics Industry Cluster since 1997 
  • Co-founder and chair of BioCluster Oulu, 2001–2006; Chair of the Advisory Board of BioForum, 2006–2013
  • Chair or member of the steering committee of several TEKES research and FiDiPro programs, the IVD Graduate School, the Finnish nanotechnology cluster, and the “Bio Meets Nano and IT” program board